Online Marketing ADD-ONs

Cherry pick from our range of Online marketing add-ons or avail of our bundled online marketing management package. Do not think of these as additional costs. Rather, think of them as essential investments needed to generate additional market exposure and potential exponential returns.

On Page SEO

In order to make your website more visible, we will optimize your website with search engine keywords that most customers look for online. By optimizing SEO and aligning it with the content of your website, we will convert additional page visitors to prospective guests. The On-Page SEO we provide supply your website with organic (i.e. unpaid-for) traffic that will gradually improve online booking conversion and expand online marketing presence.

FB Posting

Today's fastest path to social engagement is via the Facebook platform. We take advantage of this by aligning your website content to publish automatically on your Facebook page. Without lifting a finger on your end, we will create more brand awareness for your property and reach a wider market through this on-line marketing add-ons.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the heart of attracting organic traffic and high-quality backlinks to your website. By posting regular blog posts and creating high-quality backlinks to your website will improve your SEO in the long run. Do it well and enjoy the benefits in cheaper customer acquisition costs in the long run. Do it not or poorly and waste a valuable opportunity to improve your marketing returns. With our Content Marketing add-ons, we guarantee you'll do great.

Email Marketing

This add-on takes advantage of website visitors who signs up for your newsletter. An effective email marketing is proven to generate returns. We will take care of everything to add more to your property's top-of-the-mind recall by coming up with custom email marketing strategy and branded newsletter that will appeal to a wider audience.

Advertising Marketing

This add-on is where we store our secret sauce—our established strategy of running targeted ads online. Organic reach is okay, but paid reach is much better. We'll advertise your online marketing materials by setting up our proven ad setting and targeted market techniques. Give it a short time and you'll soon start seeing the good results.

Reputation Monitoring

Somebody badmouthing your property? a paid troll by the competitor? Don't worry, we will turn negative feedbacks into marketing opportunities by highlighting your property's quality service and branding. In order to do that, we assure you of a stringent reputation monitoring service online.

Social Media Chat Support

We won’t simply answer queries about your property, we'll also subtly push interested leads into becoming your future guests.  

Chatbox Setup

With our chatbox setup ad-on, we will shorten response windows to inquiries to the least possible time. This will let you allocate valuable human resource more efficiently.