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Hotelogix (Property Management System, POS , On-line Booking, GDS & Channel Manager)

Hotelogix is the world’s easiest property management system. Based on Software as a Service (SaaS), Hotelogix presents a simple pay-as-you-go option that lets you start enjoying its benefits without the prohibitive upfront deposits, and absolutely no additional cost on infrastructure. The system centralizes operations of a Property including their reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Spa, Restaurant, Group Bookings, other POS’s and even their Hotel Website on a unified platform. It is simple, affordable yet very powerful. Available in 52 countries around the world. There are more than 50 hotels in the Philippines using the cloud based system.

Simple Booking (Booking Engine & Reservations System)

Revenues start with managing your reservations and inquiries well. Simple Booking, a hotel booking engine and reservations system so easy and seamless to use is sure to power your revenue strategies and attain optimal results at minimal effort at a cost your CEO (and CFO) would love! This is a race against time. Do not be left behind. Updating rooms availability, setting new rates and catching your guests’ bookings, deposits and payments will be as easy as never before. Now you can do everything you want with a minimum effort. Your subscription comes with the Simple Booking Hotelier App available on Android & IOS. There are at at least 30 hotels using this cloud technology in the Philippines

14 Key Benefits of Simple Booking
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Booking Portal

If you are an online seller and curator of hotels either as a booking service, a travel agent or a chain of hotels, this cloud technology is for you. Feature as many hotels as you can feature in any location around the world and get an on-line booking portal with credit card and on-line payment facility for your website and your facebook page. No need to code a program for a booking system because we have a portal ready for you to use.